Optional & Add-on Services

“Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All”

  • Appraisals and Evaluations

    Appraisals and evaluations must be performed offsite by an artisan that is professionally certified by the Oriental Rug Retailers of America and the International Society of Appraisers. These appraisals and evaluations can be performed for many reasons including; pre-purchase verification of authenticity, valuation for insurance coverage, estate tax purposes, and charitable contribution validation. Associated fees are subject to the available certified professional.

  • Hand Repair & Restoration

    Over time your rug will inevitably start to show signs of wear and tear. There are many types of rugs ranging from hand-made Orientals, Navajo, hand woven, loomed, Persians, to machine-made. Once your rug has reached a point of requiring repairs or restoration we will call in the highly experienced experts for all phases of rug repair and restoration; including fringe repair, blocking to correct irregular shape, hand-serged edge repair, hole patching, and much more. Before any repairs are performed, we will advise you on the degree and cost that the artisan has deemed necessary to repair. This serves to ensure that the cost is within your budget and corresponds with the value of the rug.

  • Rug Pad Replacement

    In order to extend the life of your rug you should have the proper rug padding in place to absorb the constant crushing and rebounding from traveling across the traffic lane areas. Rug pads minimize slippage, increase the life of your rug, and of course make your rug feel thicker and more luxurious.

  • Storage and Shipping Wrapping

    A properly wrapped rug should be wrapped in tear resistant, water resistant, breathable paper for shipping and storage. We highly recommend that your rugs be professionally cleaned and have a moth-deterrent topical application applied before they are stored.

  • On-Site Rug Cleaning

    We utilize encapsulation (a plant-based organic cleaning agent) and absorbent compound methods (a soft, organic byproduct that is environmentally friendly) to clean or touch-up your rug onsite. IICRC studies show that both encapsulation and absorbent compound cleaning reduce dust mites, pollutant allergens, pet allergens, and mold spores. Encapsulation is a pH neutral cleaning agent that forms crystals as it dries to each fiber. These crystals then break away with regular vacuuming’s leaving your rug truly pH neutral and free of pollutants. Absorbent compounds are designed to have just the right amount of moisture, special detergents, and solvents to break up, absorb, and lift away dirt and particulates. Both encapsulation and absorbent compounds leave no soapy, sticky residue that attract dirt causing rugs to rapidly re-soil. Best of all both methods leave the area ready to be used immediately (within 15 minutes) after cleaning. Because of this rapid dry-time there is virtually zero risk of “wicking”, which is the leading cause for stains to resurface after cleaning and long dry times.

  • ScotchGard Fiber Protection

    We are exclusively branded as a Scotchgard company with an ethical responsibility to use only Scotchgard products. Commercially available Scotchgard Fiber Protection products go through extensive testing and have been safely used in homes for more than 20 years. Scotchgard has proven it’s safety and is a water-based protective product. Soil and stain repellants such as Scotchgard are specifically designed to provide increased protection from liquid spills and help the rug stay cleaner longer. This product will not make your rug stain proof, water proof, and wear proof. It will, however, create a, scientifically-proven, protective barrier to increase stain resistance, water resistance, and wear resistance of your rug ultimately extending it’s life and value.

  • Topical Moth Deterrent

    Our topical moth deterrent can be applied to your rug if it is made from wool or other protein-based fibers. This product will highly increase your rugs ability to deter insect infestations.

  • Odor Treatments

    If your rug contains pet stains, smoke odors, mildew odors, or other foul odors, it must go through a time-consuming odor removal soaking in order to properly neutralize the odor causing molecules.

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