Rug Cleaning In Allen, TX

Rugs are the one thing that ties a room together. They offer that special spark and hint of decor to your interior. 

If you think about it, rugs sit on your floor all day long, day in day out, collecting dust. Things like food crumbs, pet hair, your hair, stuff that comes off your shoes, dust that blows into your house, e.t.c, can get on and accumulate within the fibers of your rug. 

If it was on a hard surface flooring, you’ll probably not have much to worry about because all these debris clumps together to form what is called dust bunnies, which are a visible indication that your food needs cleaning. And with a little sweep, you can get them off. For a rug, you don’t get dust bunnies; everything just drops into the rug like something dropped into the bottom of the ocean. 

Hence, you cannot know, for sure, when and if your rug is dirty. And trust us when we say for something lying on your floor 24/7, it is surely bound to be dirty at some point. In fact, it is estimated that there is at least one pound of dirt in a square foot of rug. 

That is why it is recommended to get your rug professionally cleaned at least four times a year. That way, you know, to some extent, that there is no dirt locked away into the weaves of your area rug.

Get Professional Rug Cleaning Services in Allen, TX

Even when you use the most powerful vacuum cleaners, there is still at least 30% of dirt in your rug. And for stubborn stains like wine spills, trying to get it off can be a tussle. Even worse is when you smear the stain all over the rug in an attempt to get it off. That is why it is best to seek professional help for your rug cleaning. And that is where we come in.

At Simply Rug Cleaning, our priority is to restore your favorite rug to its original state – clean, beautiful, and fresh. We do this by implementing our 8-step process, which involves:

  1. A pre-inspection phase of the rug where it is thoroughly checked to determine if there are any pre-existing conditions of the rug that we should know about, it’s fiber make-up, potential color migration risk, and general cleaning concerns. This helps us determine the appropriate cleaning methods to use for your rug.
  2. A thorough dusting phase using top-of-the-line tools and machinery such as compressed air and mechanical harmonic vibration machines, to remove a substantial amount (up to 95%) of the dry soil and particulates that lie deep within the fabric of the rug. 
  3. A quality assurance phase where color stabilizing and souring agents are applied to your rug to ensure it is safe during the cleaning process without the risk of color migration. After which your rug enters into the wash phase where it will receive thorough immersion.
  4. A washing phase where a technician runs your rug through two consecutive back-to-back rinse phases to ensure all cleaning agents have been removed.
  5. A drying phase where excess water is removed from your rug with a machine called a centrifuge. After which the rug passes through a drying tower or a drying grid depending on its size and weight to remove even more moisture. After this, the pile is then reset for a proper appearance when dry.
  6. A post-cleaning treatment phase where difficult areas are given special and additional attention, followed by a cleaning and brightening of the rug’s fringe (when applicable.). We do not use bleach for this process. We use our specially curated secret formula.
  7. A post-cleaning inspection phase where the facility manager meticulously inspects your rug, inch-by-inch. If the manager feels that any area can be cleaned further, your rug will be sent back to go through the cleaning process all over again ( from step 1).
  8. A post-treatment phase where a plant-based encapsulation is applied to your rug. This forms a microscopic crystal barrier around each fiber to add extended soil repellant and fiber protection.

The good news is, we bring this special, personalized rug treatment to you in Allen, TX. You don’t have to stress over the mess; give your rugs to us, and we will handle the rest. 

We make sure to use eco friendly cleaning agents that are gentle on your rugs and will not cause any form of damage at all. 

Best of all you can get all this quality service for a very affordable price. Check out our prices and contact us at 972-203-1156 or via the instant booking portal here.

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