Rug Cleaning 101: How To Properly Clean And Protect Your Delicate Rug In Oak Cliff, TX

At Simply Rug Cleaning, we know rugs are your number one choice for floor coverings because they perform the function of protecting your floor surface and also adding that touch of beauty to your decor. Because they protect your flooring from dirt and scratches, they bear the burden of these conditions and can wind up becoming extremely dirty. Simply Rug Cleaning in Oak Cliff, TX is a 5-star rated rug cleaning company that knows everything there is to know about rugs and how to properly clean and protect them for years to come. Most times, they lie there, doing their job, for months and years on end without getting the proper clean they deserve.  Over time, the rug starts to lose its luster and can even become a breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned properly. In light of this, it’s important that you understand how to clean your rug the right way in order to extend its lifespan while also protecting your investment.


A thorough rug cleaning offers several benefits but in cleaning the rug, the type and materials used in making it need to be given utmost attention as the wrong application of cleaning procedure can damage the integrity and quality of the rug. Different rug cleaning solutions and rug cleaning products are available in the market and it can be confusing to identify which one is right for your rug. You need to consider several factors such as the rug’s material, weave, age, condition, and colorfastness. While it is entirely possible to do this rug cleaning process on your own, you must know that you won’t get the desired results you are looking for if you don’t use professional rug cleaning services. Rug cleaning is not a job for novice cleaners as it requires knowledge, skill, and the right rug cleaning products to get the job done right. There are many rug cleaners out there that use harsh chemicals and rug cleaning solutions that can damage your rug. That’s why it’s important to only use experienced and certified rug cleaners who know the best rug cleaning practices. It is recommended you hand over the cleaning process to trained professionals with a substantial amount of experience. Not only will you get a thorough, quality clean, but you will most importantly protect your rug from the damage improper cleaning can cause. Not to mention a host of additional benefits like odor removal, pet stain removal, and all those things you won’t normally get when you go the DIY route!


Can Carpet Cleaners Clean My Rug?

The significant difference between a rug and a carpet is in their construction and their style. Carpets are designed for wall-to-wall applications; that is, they cover the entire surface area of the room and are not made to be moved around. Most times, they are even glued to the floor in contrast to just laying them down there. Rugs, on the other hand, are made to only cover a specific area and are easy to log around. Another difference is in their style. Most carpets are plain with little or no designs. Even if there would be any designs, they are subtle with dull colors in the neighborhood of the carpet’s base color. Rugs, however, have intricate and complex designs with vibrant colors that pop out and command presence in a room. These differences might not seem much to you, but they mean a world of difference in the rug and carpet industry. They determine the cleaning methods that would be used in cleaning both. Cleaning a carpet is relatively easy – a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaner will often do the job. With rugs, it is entirely different because you need to worry about a number of things. So never opt for a carpet cleaner to clean your rugs, only let the professionals at Simply Rug Cleaning in Oak Cliff, TX handle your rugs.


Can You Steam Clean a Rug?

The simple answer to this is no. While steam will be efficient in removing allergens, dirt, and grime from your carpet, it can do significant damage to your rugs. Simply steam cleaning is not enough, a more sophisticated process is necessary to get the best results. This is because carpets are made from synthetic materials like polypropylene or polyester, and can withstand the heat and harsh chemicals used in the steam cleaning process. Rugs, on the other hand, are mostly made from natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton, all of which are very sensitive to these chemicals and can be damaged by excessive application of heat. The rug cleaning process must be gentle enough not to damage these delicate fibers.


Simply Rug Cleaning’s Professional Rug Cleaning

 Rugs do not only improve the aesthetics of your decor; they also protect your flooring. In protecting your flooring, they get stepped on a lot, and this high traffic activity can lead to an accumulation of dirt and grime on the rug. It is essential to get your rugs cleaned out as often as they should since it comes with a lot of advantages. It makes your rug last longer, keeps it looking fresh and new, and also helps to protect your flooring.


The most obvious importance is the removal of dirt and stains. As we said, rugs can easily accumulate dirt because of their structure, and they can also get stained either by a coffee spill, red wine stains, inkblots, and so on. These stains are stubborn and could create a dent and an imperfection that nice decor statement you are trying to achieve. Regular cleaning of your rugs gives these pests no breeding ground to operate. It is especially important if you have kids in your home. Kids crawl about, and when they get on a bad rug with pests and disease-causing insects, they could get infected. In addition, a good clean removes the effects of the high traffic activities on the rug. If you really pay attention to your rugs, you’d notice that areas that get a considerable amount of traffic get darker over time. This is because with high traffic comes more dirt and more weight on the rug. Over time, this excessive weight collapses the pile of the rug, trapping and locking the dirt in even more. This can lead to the deterioration and eventual ruin of the rug. A dirty rug is essentially a stockpile of dirt and allergens. If they get into the air, they can trigger some respiratory and allergic reactions. Having the rug cleaned at appropriate times eliminates all that. At Simply Rug Cleaning in Oak Cliff, TX, we have a team of certified rug cleaners who will treat your rug with the utmost care and professionalism. We understand how important your rug is to you, and we will work diligently to ensure it is clean and protected.


For more information about Simply Rug Cleaning or to get a free quote for area rug cleaning, visit our website at call us at 972-203-1156. We strive to be the best rug cleaning service in Oak Cliff, TX. You can trust Simply Rug Cleaning to always provide satisfaction-guaranteed rug cleaning services. 

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