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In addition to continually educating ourselves and our team, we set ourselves apart with a few key differences. First, we perform a complimentary, no-obligation pre-inspection of your rug. Of course, all of our pricing is available right here on our website, but we strive to ensure our customers are always satisfied with our transparency. Once we’ve addressed any concerns and needs with your rug we’ll then safely remove the rug and return to our facility included in our standard cleaning cost; if your home is within our free pickup/delivery territory. Once it arrives at our facility we begin with a secondary inspection, including photo documentation, to ensure your rug is cared for with the highest attention to detail. Once your rug is tagged and filed in our software, we move to the dusting phase. We feature harmonic vibration technology to remove soil, allergens and other particulates from your rug. This method of dusting is also much safer than traditional beater-bar systems and actually accounts for 97% of the buildup in rugs. After a proper dusting, your rug will then go into the dye migration testing phase where we will apply cleaning solution to a terry cloth and clamp it directly to any potentially sensitive color areas on your rug.

If we see “bleeding” or dye migration after a 24-hour test phase we will take preventative measures to mitigate any color movement. After a successful dye migration test, your rug is now ready for its journey through the immersion process. We start the process by immersing the rug with cool water, facedown in our wash floor where we handwash each and every rug, individually, to ensure there is no cross-contamination. Note: Many production facilities utilize large bathtub systems where they feed 10-15 rugs in at a time, which we believe this is a breeding ground for a long list of potential contamination issues including moth infestations, pet urine and feces, allergens, etc. After your rug has been thoroughly immersed, shampooed, gently scrubbed with our counter-rotating brush machine, then rinsed with a high-volume wash, and finished with a follow-up low-pressure rinse both front and back we proceed into the additional treatments phase. If your rug had pet-related accidents, large food or beverage spills, or other stain concerns we will address them at this time. With our pet soak process, we utilize a 4-6 hour soaking phase where we apply unique cleaning solutions designed to release the uric acid and ammonia from the fibers allowing us to truly flush the damaging, odor-causing particulates away. Due to the nature of urine, some stains and discolorations may be permanent and cleaning will not resolve them.

However, as a color-correction specialist, I do have permanent color-correction options available if a stain does remain after cleaning. Once we have properly treated any concerning stains and odor issues we will then load your rug into our centrifuge for a final rinse and initial drying phase. The easiest way to describe the centrifuge is to imagine the final rinse on your clothes washer at home. When your washer enters the high-speed phase that locks the clothes into the side walls and allows the water to be extracted through centrifugal force. Our centrifuge does just that, except is very long to accommodate a rolled up rug. Even after all of the flushing during the immersion process, your rug will actually go through one final rinse phase where we utilize a soft water system to ensure that no remaining soap residues are in the rug. After a 20+ minute centrifuge rinse and dry phase, we will extract your rug and lay it flat in our inspection area. Here, we’ll do an inspection to check for any additional cleaning or treatment needs that may have come to the surface during the final rinse. We then apply your protective finish, if elected, and groom the rug to correctly set the pile. Your rug is then hung on our dry tower where we control the humidity, temperature, and airflow to assure a proper drying. We use a moisture probe to test each rug for complete dryness throughout before bringing it down for a final post-inspection.

Finally, we inspect your rug on our hands and knees looking for any additional cleaning needs and double checking any odor areas. If your rug does not pass inspection for any odor-related issue, we start again all the way back to the dusting process. We then perform a final, HEPA rated post-vacuuming and photo document the rug before calling you to set up a delivery time that’s convenient to your schedule.

I know that was a great deal to read through and I appreciate you taking the time to do so. As a special offer for your time, I will give you 25% off any Scotchgard protective finish applications on your first order. Please mention this page in order to receive this exclusive offer.

Thank you,

Spencer B. Suggs


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