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There may be hundreds of local carpet cleaners that offer “rug cleaning” as an add-on service, but using a carpet cleaner is never a good idea. After all, you wouldn’t bring your beautiful formal dress or suit to a “wash n’ dry” laundry mat, so why have your delicate rug cleaned by a wall-to-wall carpet cleaner? We feature a 5,500 Sq. Ft. state of the art rug cleaning facility equipped with Harmonic Vibration Dusting equipment and Centrifuge Rinsing & Drying equipment. All of our equipment is operated by WoolSafe certified rug cleaning technicians. Rug cleaning is what we do, and we do it best!

In order to stand behind our reputation, we offer a signature Serenity Promise. This guarantee includes Heavy Particulate Removal, Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal, Fully Insured Accident Protection, WoolSafe Licensed Technicians, VOC Free Cleaning Agents, & Zero Resolution Soft Water Rinse.


With a southern “Do-it-right-the-first-time” attitude, we’ve been able to steadily grow as a household name. We feature an 8-step process to thoroughly clean your rug with as much attention to detail as possible. We really do care and we aren’t afraid to show it. Each and every rug receives a “hand-and-knees” final inspection before being certified as ready for delivery.

Simply Rug Cleaning is a proud supporter of our military and first responders. Our President is a veteran of the Texas Military Department and actively seeks opportunities to serve our active-duty men and women. We love to give back and would love to hear about additional opportunities.

We are an IICRC Certified Firm that only employs only WoolSafe Certified Managers. We are incidentally insured, rather than general liability so your rug is completely taken care should an accident occur. And lastly, we are dedicated to the pursuit of rug knowledge. Each and every year we attend dozens of expos, seminars, and certification courses in order to continue growing our knowledge bank in the ever-changing rug world.



Everything looks, feels, and smells better after a good bath; especially rugs. At Simply Rug Cleaning, we give your rugs the most thorough wash they can safely receive. We’re very proud of our rug washing facility and encourage you to come by for a quick tour. As a part of our service, we will send you home with a packet full of information on “how to care and spot clean your rug.””

The recommended method for cleaning natural and synthetic fiber rugs is washing them with the immersion method. This is the same method that has been performed along the banks of rivers for thousands of years. We combine the time-tested immersion method with state of the art modern equipment to thoroughly clean and dry antique and contemporary rugs. To ensure safe cleaning, each rug is first inspected and evaluated to establish the dye methods, fiber types, and construction.

We specialize in rug washing, specialty stain removal, decontamination from floods, pet odor removal, and of course rug repairs. Repair work includes fringe repair, fringe replacement, blocking to correct irregular shape, hand-serged edge repair, machine-serged edge repair, hole patching, reweaving, etc.

In order to stand behind our reputation, we offer a signature Serenity Promise. This promise includes:

  • Heavy Particulate Removal
  • Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal
  • Fully Insured Accident Protection
  • WoolSafe Licensed Technicians
  • VOC Free Cleaning Agents
  • Zero Resolution Soft Water Rinse


As a boutique area rug cleaner, we like to set ourselves apart from the competition. In addition to our unique hand-wash cleaning service we also provide completely FREE pick up and delivery service to any home within a 10-mile radius of our facility. We move any and all furniture up to 75 lbs. And, best of all the minimum order for this concierge service is only $149.*


Our specialized pet odor treatment process is so incredibly effective that we stand behind it with our signature Serenity Promise. Which simply states, “if there’s any odor at all we re-clean your rug completely free of charge.”*


We take moth damage very seriously, and your gorgeous “floor art” is always susceptible to these little monsters. However, our WoolSafe approved moth Repel provides a peace-of-mind. This product sours the wool or other natural fibers to deter moths from laying eggs. It is not a “moth-proofing” agent, but rather a moth deterrent. As with all cleaning solutions, we carry an SDS sheet to affirm this product is non-toxic and safe for use in your home.


Protecting your rug from future stains is just as important as having it cleaned in the first place. Many of our clients are initially concerned about protective finishes having an effect on the value of their rug. This is why we choose Scotchgard brand over all others: Scotchgard will not change the look, feel or smell of your rug. Plus, it’s protective abilities far surpass its competitors and makes most stains removable with just water. Best of all, it can be removed with a thorough immersion cleaning.


*Free pickup, or billed pickup, is limited to a 30 mile radius of zip code 75041. Billed rate for additional mileage thereafter is $3.50/mile (subject to change with fuel prices). No guarantee can be provided for specialty stain removal as some stains are or may become permanent over time. 100% guaranteed pet odor removal is subject to pre-inspection and worthiness of the rug being cleaned. If the rug is too delicate for standard cleaning it will not qualify for a proper pet soaking, which in turn negates the 100% guaranteed pet odor removal. Because pet stains and certain specialty stains are acidic in nature Simply Rug Cleaning is not responsible for “dye migration” or “bleeding” on rugs which have been exposed to any of these stain types. Simply Rug Cleaning accepts no responsibility for damaged rugs except in cases where gross negligence has occurred on our behalf. At it’s sole discretion, Simply Rug Cleaning may choose to refund monies paid for the outlined services in such cases. Simply Rug Cleaning offers moth repellent which essential makes the wool or other natural fiber sour to taste for moths. It is not a “moth-proofing” agent as no such product exist. Simply Rug Cleaning offers moth remedy treatments for active infestations, but is not a pest control or extermination service. All materials are guaranteed to be as specified. All work has, or will have, been completed in a substantial workman like manner; per standard practice. Any alteration or deviation from the noted specifications involving additional or reduced cost will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra or lesser charge over-and-above this Agreement. All Agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents, or delays beyond our control. Property owner is to carry necessary insurance. Simply Rug Cleaning will take/use before & after pictures of all items to be cleaned prior to commencement of work. These pictures will have no mention of names or address’ and are used for documentation and marketing purposes only. Storage fees will be charged on any rug, non-deliverable, within 15 days of completion unless otherwise agreed upon. Simply Rug Cleaning is not responsible for defects or pre-existing conditions that may not be seen or shown and which appear during cleaning. We reserve the right to adjust all proposals given by phone to comply with the physical inspection. Simply Rug Cleaning is not responsible for shrinkage of rugs or white knots on Orientals. All sizes are approximate. Urine contaminated rugs are at high risk for dye migration and are therefore considered to be a “salvage cleaning”; releasing Simply Rug Cleaning from any and all liability. Simply Rug Cleaning makes no guarantees of the performance of ScotchGard only that it was properly applied and is a genuine ScotchGard brand fiber protector. Due to Artisan Rug Cleaning insurance policy constraints, Simply Rug Cleaning technicians are only allowed to lift items up to 75 lbs. (150 lbs for 2-person) and cannot be held liable for any damages that occur during moving. Items being moved must be free of all personal items, electronics, or other breakables. Our technicians are not able to move piano’s, antiques, or high-value art. Client assumes all liability for any items they request our technicians to assist with moving. ANIMAL AND DYE STAINS ARE PERMANENT. SIMPLY RUG CLEANING IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANIMAL HAIR, FUGITIVE DYES, DRY ROT, ODOR, IRREGULAR SHAPE, “PAINTED RUGS” OR ROTTEN FRINGE.

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