If you're looking to have your carpets, upholstery, tile, synthetic area rugs, and/or drapery to be cleaned onsite, then our onsite carpet division is the answer to your needs.

While Simply Rug Cleaning is one of Dallas’ only WoolSafe Approved Firms, we’re deeply rooted in carpet cleaning. In fact, our Rockwall Branch houses our on-site services division. Our mantra has always been to keep it simple (hence the name). So, when it comes to delivering high-quality service, I’m sure it makes sense that you wouldn’t have a carpet & tile cleaning specialist trying to figure out how to clean your fine Oriental rug and vice-versa, of course. With our specialized IICRC Certified carpet cleaning team, we’ve truly innovated many of the textile cleaning methods we use for a residue-free, non-toxic clean. Our enhanced steam cleaning method provides a family and pet-friendly cleaning that is both highly effective and longer-lasting than other detergent-based methods. Simply is an IICRC Certified Firm with an amazing team of highly trained and skilled professionals. Whether your project is residential or commercial, you’ll find that our cleaning services will exceed your expectations. From our family to yours, thank you for choosing Simply Rug Cleaning, “A higher standard of clean.” Call our office at 972-203-1156 to schedule today!

Terms & Definitions


When you’re a true professional it’s important to know exactly what type of fiber you’re working with. Of course, the obvious synthetic fibers don’t require this test, but in the event that there is any doubt your technician will perform a fiber test free of charge.


We treat your home with the same respect that we treat our own homes. To avoid leaving scuffs and chipped corners we use 18? tall corner guards and Teflon coated non-abrasive, non-marring hoses.


This is the final touch. Once we have satisfactorily cleaned all carpeted surface we will groom the fibers to stand them up. This leaves the areas looking beautiful and fluffy, but also helps to speed up the dry time and allow the fibers to retain a standing position in traffic lane areas


We know life isn’t perfect so food and drink spills are going to occur. With all packages, we include basic spot cleaning. Basic spot cleaning consists of our technicians using a general enzyme spotter to treat all organic and basic stains (If excessive food and beverage stains are present a Deep Clean will be necessary).


Traffic lanes take the most amount of abuse when it comes to the wear and tear of the carpet. To help revive these high-wear areas we apply a product specifically formulated to suspend the soil in these areas (If intense traffic lane areas exist a Deep Clean will be necessary).


As heat temperature raises, so does a cleaning solutions effectiveness. We feature custom built steam cleaning equipment to achieve the highest vacuum power, most consistent pump pressures, and the safest high-temperature producing steam chambers.


Helix Carpet Cleaning uses a cleaning technique which utilizes a product called all-fiber rinse. This eliminates positive ion problem and residue left behind by shampoo or cheap detergent based cleaning techniques. By utilizing an all-fiber solution that has a disinfectant component, which is approved for safe use in hospitals and is hypo-allergenic, we’re able to leave your home with a very light “fresh” scent.


Included in our “Deep Clean” and “Restore” packages is HEPA pre-vacuuming. We keep our arsenal up-to-date with the most advanced HEPA qualified vacuum cleaners. This offers the deepest contaminant and dander removal while keeping your home micro-particle free. If you or your loved ones suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies you’ll recognize the difference immediately.


Organic cleaning agents are some of the most natural, yet powerful cleaning agents available. These boosters are excellent for improving traffic lane cleaning, food and beverage stain removal, and topical pet odor removal.


When it comes to dealing with pet treatments, most light pet stains that are surface-level can be removed with a topical pet treatment. However, some discolorations and stains may be permanent or require a deeper level of cleaning. There are several factors that affect this including stain intensity, the length of time the stain has been present, and the type of products that have been used to attempt the stains removal.


This is one of our many unique features that sets us apart from the crowd. Helix Carpet Cleaning utilizes its own method known as power scrubbing. Power scrubbing is defined as counter-rotating brush (CRB) agitation. This method has been approved by the majority of name brand carpet manufacturers including the industry leaders Mohawk and Shaw. Power scrubbing is an application of counter-rotating brushes that safely and effectively agitates the pre-conditioner into the fibers. This extra attention to detail breaks loose hardened soil and spots while lifting the pile of the carpet. This process has proven to be effective for cleaner carpets that last longer and continue to stay more resilient.


In order to neutralize light odors caused by foods, pets, or various odor causing problems, our technicians will apply Molecular Modifier. To minimize chemicals, we only apply molecular modifiers on an “as-needed” basis. We utilize odor encapsulates because they act as a neutralizer rather than a deodorizer. This way you are left with only the smell of your home rather than overbearing synthetic deodorizers which dissipate and completely evaporate away in a matter of hours or days.


In order to assist you with a contaminate free home, we will gladly assist with moving furniture up to 75 lbs. We limit furniture moving to a maximum of 7 pieces per room/area. We train our technicians to only move furniture that is free of delicate or breakable items such as table lamps, picture frames, and decorations. For insurance purposes, Helix Carpet Cleaning cannot move electronic, antique, instrumental, delicate, glass, or high-value items. For reference, your couches and chairs that exceed 75 lbs. will be moved forward, cleaned under, then moved back into position. However, due to the complications and potential break hazards of brackets we do not move connected sectionals.


This feature is available only to “Restore” package orders of 3 or more rooms/areas. “Restore” cleanings take considerably more time to achieve so we will accommodate your needs as soon as possible; taking the proper amount of appointment windows in order to ensure we have enough time to complete a thorough and complete service. If needed we will dedicate an entire truck to just your home for the entire day. This way we have all the time we could possibly need to complete a job that will be sure to turn you into a fan for life.


Before beginning our HEPA pre-vacuum we will lift the pile of your carpet to ensure the maximum dander, grime, and dirt removal. This extra step is highly valuable, but often overlooked step in the carpet cleaning world.


Heavy item moving includes items up to 200 lbs. The same terms apply to “heavy item moving” as with “light item moving.”


Technicians will go the extra step to clean all “safely-reachable” baseboards and edges in each room that we clean with the “Restore” package.


Helix Carpet Cleaning believes in protecting your investment. We are proud to say we use Scotchgard exclusively and promise to only use their product for protective finishes.


After we have completely cleaned each room to it’s the best condition we utilize new technology in the air mover world, air pods; which provide continuous flow to each room until we leave the job. With the use of airpods, we have achieved dry times as fast as 45 minutes! Not all carpets will dry this fast of course, but the product stands for itself in terms of added value.


We’re proud to use the best-of-the-best when it comes to equipment. This revolutionary tool allows us to not only provide the absolute best and most thorough cleaning but also achieve the fastest dry times possible. Once you experience the amazing results of this service you’ll only request the Rotovac cleaning for every cleaning moving forward.


Helix Carpet Cleaning believes in protecting your investment. We are proud to say we use Scotchgard exclusively and promise to only use their product for protective finishes.
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