Rug Cleaning Rowlett, TX

In life, very few things indicate the level of taste and class you have the way a good rug does. More than simply decorating a space, it gives it life, rejuvenates it and adds a significant measure of character.

Unfortunately, over time, even the best rugs are susceptible to taking damage or being coated in copious quantities of dirt. This is where Simply Rug Cleaning comes in. 

We run some of the very best rug cleaning services Rowlett has ever seen. Our 30+ years’ experience in Area rug cleaning Rowlett homes and residences makes us the most equipped to provide your needs, whatever they might be.

While there are many things you can DIY, cleaning rugs, especially Oriental and other delicate rugs, isn’t really one of them.

We firmly believe that the rug cleaning local properties need is a job for the professionals. A centerpiece rug, be it Oriental, Persian, or Wool, can run you thousands of dollars. That’s why we’ve invested hundreds of thousands in the finest technology and a custom built 5,500 Sq. Ft. facility with the sole purpose of leaving your rug looking it’s absolute best.

Do you Care About Your Rug?

Of course you do! What you require are the services of a top-notch rug cleaner. Leaving your rug in less capable hands can be disastrous as you don’t know what cleaning methods and soaps they might use.

Remember: Rug Cleaning is NOT Carpet Cleaning!

Most carpet cleaning companies in Dallas also offer a rug cleaning service, but they don’t have the cleaning facilities to back this up. Their normal business is at-home carpet cleaning, which is great, but it requires totally different tech and processes than a comprehensive Area rug clean.

Be wary of carpet cleaners masquerading as rug cleaners. This might end up ruining your beautiful rug!

If that has already happened, no need to worry. We provide rug repair Rowlett residents won’t find anywhere else. Our rug repair service is fast, durable and reliable. We employ the latest tools and the best materials to revitalize your pride and joy.

Rug cleaning the Rowlett area is a job that we love, and take pride in. This shows clearly in the work that we do!

30 Years Rug Cleaning Rowlett Homes

Whether it be Oriental rug cleaning for Rowlett’s commercial buildings, or simply providing rug repair services in the area, we add a touch of something special and unique to the mix! 

We go all out on your rug and make sure you’re pleased with what you see at the end of the day.

The service we provide is aimed at:

Ensuring your Rug is Damage-Free

The rug cleaning needs of the city are quite unique and as experienced rug cleaners, we treat them as such. We make sure that your rug is cleaned in a way that doesn’t damage or diminish it.

Guaranteeing Convenience

We offer convenient Oriental rug cleaning Rowlett residents simply can’t afford to pass up! No need to break a sweat and tire your arms out dusting, washing and cleaning when you should be resting.

Our local team will arrive at your residence, take the rug, clean it and have it returned to you in no time at all! And our collection service is 100% COVID-19 Safe.

– Top Shelf Rug Treatment

Outside of just cleaning your rug, we also provide exclusive and custom rug treatment services. We help you show how much you care about that rug! 

Among these many services is rug repair Rowlett homes can truly rely on. Simply’s rug repair service is unrivaled, and we bring it right to your doorstep.

– Giving your Rug a Touch of Something Special

Our skill at providing an excellent rug cleaning service stems from a deep love for what we do. We add a touch of magic to Rowlett properties that’s earned us multiple referrals and long term clients.

Let’s extend that touch to your rug today, reach out to the friendly team on 972-203-1156for a Free Quote, or use our nifty instant booking service here.

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