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To achieve the best result, each class of rug has to be treated and cleaned uniquely. For instance, the way an Oriental rug is cleaned differs from how a Persian rug is cleaned. This in turn also differs from how you should treat a Wool rug.

Having rug cleaners who understand these differences well matters greatly. Very few companies can match the professional rug cleaning Richardson citizens enjoy with Simply Rug Cleaning. As one of the best area rug cleaning teams in the great state of Texas, we Simply believe in going the extra mile to provide you with a service you’ll never forget.

We don’t just clean, we also fix! Damaged rug? Check out our rug repair service. We’re passionate about restoring damaged rugs to their former glory.

Rug Cleaning Richardson Can Rely On

The type of rug cleaning Richardson folk need demands we do a few things differently to our competitors. We don’t aim for “good”. In fact, we banished that word from our vocabulary over 30 years ago when we first started achieving OUTSTANDING results for our amazing customers. The same can be said when it comes to our rug repair service.

Following certain steps (8 of them, since you asked!) helps us achieve unbelievable results that’ll have your delicate rug gleaming and glowing.

We’ve found that a key aspect of delivering the Oriental rug cleaning Richardson folks admire so much is to combine several key processes, not stopping until the result we demand presents itself.

Some of the many activities we carry out are:

Rug Inspection

What happens here has a direct bearing on the result produced. During this process, we seek to accurately assess the rug you wish to clean or repair to determine what is wrong with it precisely.

Even though this exercise can be a bit time and resource consuming, any professional rug cleaner who fails to carry out isn’t worth his or her salt. If somebody just gives you a 5 minute call and comes grab your rug, be wary!

If they don’t take the time to find out what YOU need, they probably won’t do a very thorough job on your centerpiece. You wouldn’t let a surgeon operate on your brain just because you mentioned you had a headache, right?

From here, we are able to determine how to proceed and what’s needed to do so.

Preliminary Cleaning

We usually carry this out without the use of water or any cleaning agents. The sole purpose of it is to free the rug of the dust and dirt that would’ve embedded itself inside it. 

As a rule, this particular rug cleaning service is carried out delicately as one wrong move here can rend the rugs’ fabric badly.

This process is super important in Oriental, Wool, and Persian area rug cleaning.

Stain Identification

After preliminary cleaning has been done, it is easier to identify stains on the rug carpet. This is what we use in preparing the right cleaning agents to eliminate the stain.

Washing and Cleaning

This is where all the preparation leads! It is also what makes our rug cleaning service so popular in the Richardson area. 

We take into account the delicacy of the rug material and carefully move on to remove the dirt and stain on the rug using a mixture of water pressure and a trademark blend of cleaning agents, and of course our unique 8-Step cleaning system. 

Best of all, our solutions are 100% environmentally friendly so you won’t have to worry about your health, or our beautiful planet being affected.

Rug Treatment

As you can tell by now, rug cleaning Richardson homes is a challenge we don’t shy away from. And we’re proud to be the most accommodating rug cleaners in the state. We work just as effectively on-site (your home or residence) or off-site (our purpose built facility).

For rug repair, Richardson residents needn’t look too far to get the services of the best in the field. 

We thrive at what we do because we pay attention to everything from fiber, to backing, right down to the special cleaning technology we use.

Be it a simple spot clean, or in-depth rug repair your home needs, remember Simply is always there to lend a helping hand.

Reach out and tell us how we can help you today. We don’t bite 🙂

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Rug Cleaning Richardson

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