Rugs do the perfect job of synchronizing the interior decor of the room. However, they can become dirty with time and accumulate dirt because of their usual location – the floor. They are prone to get riddled with dirt. 

We constantly advocate for frequent rug cleaning, and when we tell people to, they usually respond with “why? It looks clean”. But what they don’t know is that rugs, like dating profiles, are deceiving. We look at them and think they are clean, but in fact, they could be harboring tons of dirt beneath your feet.  And it is important you get them cleaned out because of the simple fact that having a dirt-filled fabric material in the center of your room isn’t a good idea.

Why You Should Get your Rug Clean

If you don’t know, here are some benefits of having a clean rug:

It Eliminates the risk of falling sick

As we said earlier, rugs can easily accumulate dirt, and a dirty environment is the breeding ground for disease-causing microbes. When you are exposed, or even worse, a toddler crawls over the infested rug; it’s only a matter of time they start showing flu symptoms. 

Asides microbes, bugs and pests also thrive in dirty environments, and a dirty rug is an ideal place for them to breed.

Your Rug Lasts Longer

One thing about rugs is, the more you care for them, the longer they last for you. Delicate rugs like Persian and Oriental rugs need all the care they can get, and when they do, they will last for generations.

Your Rugs Smell Fresher

It’s common knowledge that if a fabric material accumulates dirt, it is bound to smell. And also, when your pets are around, they can rub off on the rug, and when they do that for a while, they leave a piece of them (smell and hair) on the rugs. 

We can go on and on about the benefits of getting your rug clean, and at this point, you just want a solution.

So What Can You Do?

The solution here is simple. Call a professional. And not just any professional, call one that offers the best service in the rug cleaning business; why settle for less? 

The best rug cleaning service you can get in Mesquite, Texas, is the Simply Rug Cleaning service. We offer a variety of services that will leave your rugs spotless and rid of any smell or disease-causing organisms. 

What the Others Do

Thirty years ago, we realized that the majority of rug cleaners around use water extraction steam machines to work. This works by spraying water and liquid detergent into the fibers then extracting by suction. This is not an effective method because firstly, there is no brush action in most cases, and more importantly, the detergent (which usually has a defoamer additive) leaves a residue, which not only attracts dirt but also causes future cleaning to be more difficult.

Our Cleaning Method

We at Simply Rug Cleaning have, for the past three decades, have utilized a proven cleaning procedure that leaves our clients with the satisfaction they deserve. We use top-of-the-line machinery such as High-efficiency particulate air pre-vacuum (HEPA), HArmonic dusting, centrifuge drying, and so on. 

We also perform some quality assurance antics such as adding color stabilizing and scouring agents to ensure the rug’s integrity is preserved during the whole cleaning process. Our cleaning method is thorough and meticulous with rapt attention to detail. With us, you can rest assured that you are getting quality value for your money. 

What Makes Us Stand Out? 

  • We can clean all kinds of rugs such as Persian, Oriental, wool, cotton, and synthetic rugs with maximum results. 
  • Our trained technicians conduct a thorough inspection before proceeding with the services, and any concerns are communicated to the customer accordingly. 
  • Our professionals can offer their services across all areas. 
  • We offer additional services to improve the appearance and longevity of your rug. 
  • All our cleaning products (stain removers, shampoos) are 100% non-toxic and are completely safe for pregnant women, pets and babies. 

Our Process is Simply Superior

Nothing in the last thirty years has changed our minds; our opinion is constantly substantiated. Over the years, we have serviced thousands of customers with the Simply Rug Cleaning method, and we’d love for you to be our next customer. 

If you are in Mesquite, there is a Simply team near you! All you need to do is to contact us at (972) 203-1156 and get the professional rug cleaning service you deserve. For an even quicker solution, click here to book instantly.

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