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Of the various types of rugs currently in use, Oriental rugs are arguably one of the most delicate ones you’ll see. They have a very comfortable feel to them which is one reason they’re so popular compared to say a Persian rug or Wool rug.

However, after an extended period of use, you have to clean them and depending on their condition, have a rug repair service carried out on the rug.

We’ve made a name for ourselves by providing Oriental rug cleaning McKinney folks can appreciate. Our belief in providing comprehensive area rug cleaning all Dallas residents can rely on is centered around the level of care and appreciation we have for each individual rug.

What We Do

If you agree that your rug is special, then you’ll also agree that it deserves special treatment. Cleaning the Oriental, Persian and Wool rugs of McKinney is our specialty here at Simply

Is your rug commercially manufactured? If the answer is “No”, we’ll bet it’s been hand woven, so it can’t be handled and treated the same way most other rugs are. You know the little label inside your shirt that tells you how to keep it clean? Machine wash, hand wash, dry-clean. Heat. No heat. 

Unfortunately, rugs don’t tend to come with this info easily at hand. And worse still, if they aren’t treated right, they’re at risk of losing visual appeal, de-valuing, or worst of all suffering irreparable damage.

But don’t fret! We have you covered including, but not limited to:

Rug Cleaning Service

A professional rug cleaner knows that different rugs require different kinds of attention and care. We don’t offer blanket service when rug cleaning McKinney businesses and homes. 

We adopt unique strategies in an effort to provide area rug cleaning the McKinney community can depend on completely.

Rug Repair Service

Maybe you’ve been using your rug for a while, or maybe you just made a mistake and damaged your rug! With our expert rug repair, McKinney residents never have to worry if the worst happens.

The rug repair service we provide is in-depth and extensive and will restore your rug to its original condition no matter how far gone it might appear to be.

Treatment and Stain Removal

Apart from the straight up rug cleaning McKinney homeowners might need for their rugs, there are other things that might prove very useful in prolonging the life span of your Oriental rug.

One of those things is insect treatment. The material and fabric these rugs are made of has many natural insect enemies. These insects are attracted to, consume and soil the rug. As an experienced unit, we help you deal with this effectively.

Another point of concern is the occasional odd stain or incident your prized rug might encounter. It could suffer a wine spill during a dinner party. Or possibly your toddler decides to go “number 1” on it, or worse (we’ve seen it all!).

And it’s not exclusive to Oriental rugs. We’ve treated all manner of spills on some of the most glorious Persian rugs, helping them rediscover their true beauty. And as a WoolSafe Approved cleaning company, we’ve been the go to Dallas Wool rug cleaner for over 30 years.

You can Trust Simply to provide the finest treatment, and we guarantee to remove any stain. If not, we back every rug clean we conduct with our Serenity Promise.

Simply put, Simply Rug Cleaning is unrivaled in the McKinney area! We put in 100% to stay at the forefront of the cleaning industry.

Why you Can Depend on Our Rug Cleaning Service

Decades spent Area rug cleaning McKinney properties has honed us into some of the finest rug cleaners in the country. And the rug repair McKinney homes and businesses enjoy with us is also second to none.

We’ve reached this peak because we go all out for your rug. Our affordable services ensure you can get your rug cleaned with ease. 

So why not reach out now and give us a try? Call 972-203-1156 today for a Free Quote and local technician to come visit, or make an instant booking here.


Rug Cleaning McKinney

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