Rug Cleaning Irving

If you live in the area and you need top-tier rug cleaning, Irving offers very few alternatives that beat us at Simply Rug Cleaning. As a professional team of rug cleaners, we’re second to none at providing an impeccable rug cleaning service.

Fine rugs require fine taste. Hand woven rugs are a significant financial investment, we know. Consequently, you have to do all you can to get your Oriental rug cleaning from Irving’s very best.

The Best Area Rug Cleaning Irving has to Offer

Serving the community for several years now, we stand apart at getting your rug in clean, usable condition. We don’t aim at competing with the many carpet cleaning companies that offer rug cleaning as an add-on.  

Rugs are all we do here at Simply, so our sole motivation is the ensuring that your rug lives a long and happy life, in sparkling condition. 

In Irving, our cleaning and rug repair service is targeted at making sure you’re comfortable while we put your rug through the care and treatment its delicate fabrics require.

Rug Repair Irving

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Some way, somehow, the fringes or body of your gorgeous Oriental rug gets damaged. Whether that’s as a result of age, or a true accident, that experience can be an awful one to deal with.

However, with our repair services, we can return your rug from any condition into the sparkling gem it once was! Using certain tools and our proprietary blend of components, we have achieved multiple successes properly restoring damaged rugs.

Benefits of Using Our Service

When you choose our Area rug cleaning team, it is only right you know what you’re getting in return, isn’t it?

Our goal has always been to raise the standards of rug cleaning Irving residents are familiar with. We raise the bar of the services we offer so you never have to go too far to sample quality solutions.

Some advantages you enjoy with us include:

– Professional Pick-up and Delivery

Unlike other rug cleaning services, we never leave the pick-up and delivery of your precious rugs to a courier company. We offer a FREE Rug pick-up service* for that valuable Oriental or Persian beauty.

Your hand woven rugs are precious to you and so, they are precious to us. We want you to know it’s in capable hands so we pick-up and drop-off the rugs ourselves so you can ask us anything you want.

*Free within 10 miles of 75238 ($2/ mile thereafter).

– Ensure Health and Safety

The certified professional Simply rug cleaners keep your health and safety in mind at all times when carrying out our cleaning and rug repair service.

We source the very best cleaning solutions so you can be certain it’s healthy and biodegradable. 

Our service also removes existing dirt and soil particles that can cause allergic reactions, overall ensuring that the rug is safe to use.

– Comfort and Satisfaction

This is what we are best known for. Be it Oriental rug cleaning or rug repair Irving locals need, we are always there to provide the most satisfying service experience in the area.

We take your schedule very seriously and will always deliver outstanding results no matter what time frame we’re working with.

Give us a call on 972-203-1156 today for a Free Quote or book through our instant portal here.

Rug Cleaning Irving

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