Rug Cleaning Grapevine

Do you have a taste for elegant rugs? 

Do you value keeping those rugs in the perfect, pristine shape and condition you got them? If you’ve answered “Yes” to both those questions then you should consider the services of a competent rug cleaner.

One simple fact is that the more beautiful a rug is the more fragile and delicate it’s likely to be. This is a reality we have to accept, especially when dealing with Oriental and other elegant rugs.

Rug cleaning for Grapevine residents is a big part of what we do here at Simply. Because we fully comprehend the delicate nature of each rug material, we know exactly what rug cleaning service and treatment it needs from the moment we lay eyes on it.

To handle the challenges that Oriental rug cleaning poses for Grapevine properties, experience is invaluable, and we possess this in spades. What’s more, we thrive on succeeding where others have failed.

If you happened to give your rug to a cleaner who damaged it, you’re in luck! Our comprehensive rug repair service will make it look like the damage never happened. 

Area rug cleaning Grapevine homes and commercial properties is a full time job for us at Simply Rug Cleaning. We work round the clock to make sure that every desire from cleaning to repair is met and exceeded.

What we Bring to the Table

Tailored Rug Handling

As we’re sure you know, Area rug cleaning is complex business, and demands a unique methodology. We maintain a delicate balance between cleaning solutions, water pressure and even the choice of spraying system to guarantee that not a single delicate fiber is damaged.

This level of attention is paid individually to every single rug we are tasked with cleaning. We apply the same level of tenacity and concentration when carrying out the rug repair Grapevine homes need from time to time.

Speed and Precision

As true professionals in the rug cleaning service industry, we don’t sacrifice speed for quality. That’s allowed us to devlop a reputation right across the DFW Metroplex for 5-Star service!


Quality cleaning service for Oriental rugs, Wool rugs, and even Persian rugs in Grapevine isn’t easy to come by. We considered this carefully, which is why our local team is tasked with providing you this service at no stress and an affordable price.

You can use our expert service so you don’t have to stress over every little detail. Our local team of Grapevine rug cleaners is well drilled to prioritize your comfort and satisfaction above all else. So you can rest assured you’ll get the result you desire.

Make it Sparkle Again

Your rug wasn’t made to look dirty, worn and torn. It was designed to light up a room and give you comfort. No matter how it looks presently, it still can be. The area rug cleaning Grapevine residents enjoy from us means you never even have to leave the city to get this world-class service!

All you need to do is give our amazing team a call on 972-203-1156 or make an instant booking by clicking here.

Rug Cleaning Grapevine

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