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Are you looking for a professional rug cleaning service in Grand Prairie? If your answer is yes, then today is your lucky day! At Simply Cleaning, we offer the best rug cleaning service in Grand Prairie and, over the years, have put a smile on the faces of all our customers. We bet that yours will not be an exception.

You might be wondering what sets us apart from the others. It is none other than our quality service and cleaning procedure. Besides getting a thorough cleaning experience, you also get convenience and additional services – all of which we call the Simply Rug Cleaning experience. 

With the Simply Rug Cleaning experience, you can rest assured that your rugs, no matter the kind, will be well taken care of. Be it synthetic, wool, or specialty rugs such as silk, jute, sisal, etc, we leave them clean with a sparkle. The Simply Rug Cleaning experience is not generic; it is a specialized experience, customized for your favorite area rug.

Our Cleaning Process

The Simply Rug Cleaning process can be briefly summarized into three processes.

Pre-inspection: We make sure to, first of all, inspect the whole rug to ensure there are no problem areas on the rug. That is why you need professional help for your rug cleaning because you might not know where these problem areas are and how to identify them. With our 3 decades of servicing the area rug community, our trained eyes can quickly spot these issues with the rug, and then we apply the appropriate cleaning methods while keeping these issues in mind.

Main Cleaning

This encompasses all the procedures we implement to ensure your rug turns out clean. We start off light – using vibration machines and compressed air to get those dry dirt off. Then we follow up with thorough cleaning and washing procedures using the best machinery in this line of work. Now we do this with care because when it comes to rug cleaning, we believe gentility and attention to detail far supersede vigorous scrubbing. Don’t worry; our cleaning method does not compromise on meticulousness. So you can rest assured that even your expensive Oriental and Persian rugs will get the clean they deserve without any damages.

Post-cleaning Treatment and Inspection

After going through our thorough rug cleaning process, we then carry out some post cleaning procedures like spot treatments and fringe cleaning. Sequel to this is another inspection on the rug to ensure there are no untreated areas and that it passes our standards of perfection. If there is the slightest hint of imperfection, the rug is returned to start the cleaning process all over again. This goes on over and over again until the rug comes out perfect.

This is a summary of the 8-step cleaning process we employ to get your rugs spick and span.

Other Services we Offer

In addition to the thorough cleaning you get from the Simply Rug Cleaning experience, you can also get some additional services to improve your rug’s appearance and longevity. These services include:

Pet Odor Remediation

We use special enzyme-based pet soaking treatment to remove the odor from the rug caused by your little furry friends. This odor can be stubborn and persistent, and that is why we specially formulated this product that has proved effective on all pet odor stains.

ScotchGard Protective finish

We can add our ScotchGard protective finish to your rugs to protect them from liquid spills, making your rugs stay cleaner for a longer period. This also improves your rugs’ lifespan as you do not have to keep adding harmful chemicals to get rid of an accidental wine spill, for example.


Our trademarked FibreDefender lives up to its name. With the FibreDefender, there is no need to use harsh chemicals like bleach to get stains off. Once your rugs have been protected with FiberDefender, you’ll be able to clean up most spots, spills, and life accidents with just water and a microfiber towel. 

H2O2 Stain Treatments

Although our superior cleaning process should get through to any stain, some can be quite stubborn. And instead of resorting to rigorous scrubbing that will damage the rug (something you would typically do at home), we use Peroxide and UV spectrum to get those stains off.

Durahold Rug Pad

We also offer rug padding services, and our Durahold No-Muv is considered to be the best padding for price and quality.

Rug Pad Clean

Not only do we offer to pad your rugs, but we also clean them in the event that they get dirty.

So if you are in Grand Prairie and need a professional rug cleaning service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on (972) 203-1156 or use our instant booking portal to schedule your rugs for cleaning!

Rug Cleaning Grand Prairie

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