Rug Cleaning Garland

At Simply Rug Cleaning, we go above and beyond when it comes to cleaning your rugs and making them spotless.

While there are quite a few rugs out there you can get by with cleaning all by yourself, most quality rugs will often demand the attention and care of an experienced rug cleaner. 

Providing rug cleaning Garland homes and businesses can depend on is what we do best. We run a thorough and extensive service that frees your rug from dirt and refreshes it, all without causing any damage.

With more than 30 years in the game, our understanding of the texture and fabric of delicate rugs is second to none. We professionally and thoroughly perform any rug repair a Garland residence or businesses requires. In the course of repairing, we never substitute quality or spare any resource.

To carry out the Oriental rug cleaning Garland folks have come to know and trust, we follow a specific 8-step process, which we’ll summarize here.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

After collecting your rug FREE of charge (within a 10-mile radius of our facility, and just $2/ mile thereafter). we take it to our custom built 5,500 Sq. Ft. cleaning facility and set to work bringing it back to life!

The Rug Check-up

A high percentage of rugs get damaged because most people employ general washing methods to them without considering factors like their material and current condition.

The first thing we do is carry out a thorough inspection of the rug you want to have cleaned or repaired. Even if it’s a rug repair service you need, we follow this principle as well.

The initial inspection gives full information about the material the rug is made of and how much it can handle. 

Depending on your preference, you can be with us, so we can report firsthand the stains or damage we spot. This process is vital, particularly with delicate rugs. It is important in helping us maintain the high standard of Oriental rug cleaning Garland residents know us for.

After we get your permission to proceed, we devote all effort and resources to caring for your rug.

Dust and Solid Dirt Removal

Rugs soak up an amazing amount of dust and dirt over time. An area rug cleaning pro knows just how bad this is for the beautiful rugs of Garland.

Before proceeding with cleaning, we use special tools to free the rug of all the dust and dirt. Failure to do this, or worse, doing it wrong can irreparably damage the fabric of the rug. So we’re very careful here.


Perfect rug cleaning for Garland homes and businesses starts here. We don’t just clean freely. We carry out tests to ensure that our cleaning solutions won’t react negatively to the color or properties of the rug. We do the same when carrying out rug repair service.

Cleaning Proper

Having determined the best materials and technique to use in cleaning the rug, we go to work! Delicate Oriental rug cleaning is the unmistakable sign of a Simply Rug Cleaning job. 

Of course we do much more than just this, so take a look at our full 8-step rug cleaning process if you want to know more.

Whether it’s regular rug cleaning, or even rug repair you need, we give no less than our best as rug cleaners in the city.

See why Garland residents have trusted us with their rugs for over 30 years. Call 972-203-1156 today and our local team will come collect your rug for free, or you can make an instant booking here.

Rug Cleaning Garland

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