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If you are in Carrollton and seeking where to get your area rugs cleaned, then you have come to the right place. At Simply Rug Cleaning, we offer the best rug cleaning service money can buy. 

Rugs get dirty over time due to numerous reasons, and when they do, you would need a professional rug cleaning service you can trust. We understand this, which is why we have decided to give you a glance at who we are and what we do to better appreciate the quality service we bring to the table.

Who are We?

We have been in this line of work for 30 years. And in those three decades, we have perfected our craft and have updated our process to meet the present-day rug cleaning requirements. In these 30 years of exceptional service to the area rug community, we have added some certifications to our portfolio, such as the highly regarded IICRC certification. 

Our firm only employs WoolSafe Certified Managers too. We want to keep our standards at 100% in everything we do, so even our hiring process is done with perfection and without compromise of our standards. Even to our uniformed staff that comes to your homes to pick up your rugs, we make sure to run background checks and all the necessary checks so you can feel safe that whoever is coming to pick your rugs are certified professionals.  

We are incidentally insured rather than a general liability, so your rug is completely protected in the event of an accident (which rarely occurs in our facility anyway). But to be on a safer side, we are protected with airtight insurance. 

And lastly, we are dedicated to the pursuit of rug knowledge. Each year, we attend dozens of expos, seminars, and certification courses to continue growing our knowledge bank in the ever-changing rug world.

What Kind of Services do we Offer?

We offer a variety of rug cleaning services that will make your rugs sparkle. These services include:

Rug Cleaning Services

These are the various cleaning antics we employ to get your rugs back to its original clean state. We use friendly chemicals and the latest machinery to clean your rugs

Our method is simple yet thorough. When we come to get your rugs (which is for free anyway, but costs $2 per mile outside a 10-mile radius of our facility), we first inspect to check if there are any problem areas on the rug. If there’s any, like a tear, for example, we notify you accordingly. Next is the thorough washing process your rug undergoes in our facility. It goes through a dusting phase via harmonic dusting machines and compressed air equipment, a washing phase via immersion washing, then a drying phase via centrifuges. 

After which your rug passes through another inspection phase to ensure it meets our standards. 

Rug Treatment Services

After cleaning, we provide rug treatments that protect your rugs till the next time you will require another clean. Our rug treatment services include:

ScotchGard Protective Finish: This protects your rugs from liquid spills and helps your rug stay cleaner longer.

FiberDefender: Which protects your rug such that you’ll be able to clean up most spots, spills, and life accidents with just water and a microfiber towel.

Durahold Rug Pad: Which prevents dirt and other debris from getting trapped underneath the rugs, which then grounds into the floor from foot traffic. 

Rug Pad Cleaning: Which is an immersion cleaning procedure to protect the rug pad that protects your rugs.

We also offer other treatment services such as pet odor remediation and Peroxide stain treatments. 

Rug Repair Services

In addition to the rug cleaning and treatment services, we also offer rug repair services. Over time, even the most durable Persian rug would need a siding repair, a fringe repair, or a pile unraveling. And we have rug repair specialists in our team that will attend to you rug repairs. 

We provide rug cleaning, treatment, and repair services on all kinds of rugs, including Persian, Oriental wool, cotton, synthetic, and specialty rugs. SO you can rest assured that no matter the rugs you bring to our facility, they will return to you clean, appropriately treated, and repaired. 

How much do our Services Cost?

At Simply Rug Cleaning, we offer transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing. We give you an honest price quotation that will get the job done. Each service has a price tag, and you can check our price list (link to price page here) to feel how we charge. 

What to do next?

It is pretty easy. All you need to do is contact our customer support line at (972) 203-1156, or book online in a few easy clicks.

Rug Cleaning Carrollton

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